FASHION ZOO is the first real to-C Fashion Art Carnival in China.
It is the official partner of London Fashion week.
It aims to create a global new product development platform and build a world map of culture exchange between East and West.
Taking OMO as the business core, adhering to the concept of "Enter the FASHION ZOO with no invitation from now on",
integrating global resources, joining hands with international top teams to
deeply explore and give play to the entertainment of fashion art; from the five dimensions of fashion, art, music, culture and science and technology,
FASHION ZOO will create the ultimate fashion community belonging to the global young generation.
FASHION ZOO continues to innovate and link the world stage, helping Chinese brands to go global.
At the same time, it imports international fashion content to China, giving new meaning to international fashion cultural exchange.

Boundless Fashion
#internationalshows  #avantgardelab  #fashionartforum  #"The Greatest Artist of Tomorrow" Pioneer Fashion Show  #BLAZER MUSEUM  #K-Fashion Boom
#Come to FASHION ZOO to open a door to the fashion world without invitation!
From international masters to avant-garde design, from fashion to life, create more diverse and broad space for dialogue. Experience a refreshing new fashion game with fashion followers.
Sustainable Wave
#Recreation Lab  #Fashion Shoes  #Awakening Age
Sustainable fashion is a hot topic in the entire industry today. In 2021, we will expand the definition of sustainable fashion, aiming to change the fashion industry and realize resource reuse. Work with creators to embrace and discover more sustainable possibilities.
Unlimited Art
#Hanging Gallery HONOR Talents   #ART ZOO International Young Pioneer Illustration Art Exhibition   #New Media Art Special Exhibition  #New Culture Special Exhibition  #AMAZING PANDA   #art café #toy story
There is no limit in art, it is the soul mate of fashion, from illustrations and interactions to trendy toys. It is the universal language of the world.
Roaming Innovation
#bubble space station  #YIZAI fashion lab  #Loading the Future Code
Fashion creativity brings unlimited possibilities for business; a community that brings together pioneering innovation and trendy goods, together we unlock a world of whimsical new ideas.

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