With Shanghai fast emerging as the undisputed “Shanghai-Global Debut Destination”, a ground-breaking event - FASHION ZOO - is set to take the helm on 27 - 30 June 2019 at the city’s emblematic landmark, Shanghai Exhibition Center. Widely anticipated to be the hottest new show in China, FASHION ZOO will build more than a hundred pop-ups onsite and serve as an ambitious and innovative trend-leader in the consumer goods industry, offering a unique global perspective on fashion, art, technology and cultural trends for the younger generations.
Featuring the trendiest creative sources for garments, shoes, bags, jewellery, skin care and cosmetics, as well as the most popular e-commerce platforms! Cooperating with international fashion weeks to present the latest fashion trends, FASHION ZOO provides you with the opportunity to shop, enjoy and indulge in the most hotly anticipated event in town.
Displaying the lasts in home design, smart systems, domestic appliances and automobile tech accessories, you cannot miss this section showcasing the forefront of consumer technology products with unrivalled design inspirations. Renowned designers will also be invited to share their insights and to introduce new design trends under one roof.
If you’re up for a real treat then this is the place to fully indulge your culinary senses. FASHION ZOO will present a dazzling array of wine and cuisine, from Scottish whisky and French wine, to Spanish ham and Australian cheese. All the magnificent flavours of original gourmet and artisan food made of a fiesta of unique ingredients will make your taste buds dance.
The unique idea of AMAZING PANDA is inspired by the splendid Chinese culture. A large-scale global exhibition of art installations to signify the true meaning of “Created in China”.
BAOBAB GROUP is a cultural communications company focused on building a bridge between international brands and the Chinese market. Established by a highly capable, talented and innovative team with international experience from Shanghai, London and New York, our company has considerable marketing and communications resources at our disposal, with deep understanding and broad insight on western and Chinese markets.
Experts from across the fashion and business world have supported the internatioanl growth of FASHION ZOO, including one of the five toppest fashion show director, RENÉ CÉLESTIN, and the senior expert of exhibition industry in the UK, HUGH SCRIMGEOUR,

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